MADS-box transcription factors

Research Project Suraj Jamge, Wageningen University

Flowering is an important developmental switch in the life cycle of angiosperms. Members of the MADS-domain transcription factor family act as the central players in the flowering network. MADS-domain proteins are known to bind DNA as dimers and are able to form higher-order complexes. Our objectives are to elucidate the role of chromosomal interactions and MADS-box TFs during the floral transition in Arabidopsis thaliana and to unravel the protein complex compositions of the MADS domain complexes involved in this developmental process. The approaches that we will follow are immunoprecipitation of protein complexes containing tagged MADS-box TFs and biochemical characterization by LC-MS/MS to reveal potential interactions between MADS-box TFs and chromatin-associated proteins. Furthermore, the occurrence of chromatin interactions at flowering related loci will be studied using 3C combined with ChIP, using antibodies against MADS-box TFs and NGS to identify the interactions. Furthermore, the nuclear localization of tagged MADS-box proteins relative to repressed and active nuclear features will be studied. The goals will be achieved by active collaboration with the following  partners: UvA, IPG-PAS, BIOMOL and INRA  in the EpiTRAITS consortium.