Chromosomal interactions

Research Project Blaise Weber, University of Amsterdam 

As a member of the EpiTRAITS program, Blaise will study the functional significance of long-range intra and inter-chromosomal interactions in the regulation of flowering genes. To reach this objective, the Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C) technique will first be established at specific genomic loci involved in flowering of A. thaliana and Z. mays. Further understanding will be achieved by mapping the interactions between the different loci and the rest of the respective genomes using 4C (Circular 3C). The latter experiments will be performed in collaboration with the EpiTRAITS fellows Dimitrios Zisis (IPG-PAS) and Rurika Oka (BIOMOL), who will be involved in the data analysis. Also, in close collaboration with Johan Zicola, the EpiTRAITS fellow appointed at MPIPZ, Blaise will identify and characterize new regulatory regions associated with flowering genes in Zea mays. Finally, Blaise will be involved in investigating the link between chromosomal interactions, chromatin structure and transcriptional activity.