Novel chromatin proteins

Research Project Pawel Mikulski, Heinrich-Heine-University

His current research involves investigation of the roles and mechanisms of action of two novel PcG-linked proteins by the analysis of their protein associated factors [CoIP + LC-MS/MS, FRET], genome-wide binding sites [ChIP-seq], transcriptome changes in the mutants [RNA-seq] and subnuclear localization [confocal imaging]. Moreover, Pawel will help to establish protocols of the isolation of Nuclei Tagged in Specific Cell Types (INTACT) and cell type-specific Chromatin Immunoprecipitation [ChIP].

Within EpiTRAITS his closest collaborators are the following institutes: Wageningen University (Wageningen, Netherlands), Institute of Plant Genetics (Posnan, Poland), Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (Madrid, Spain), Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (Cologne, Germany), University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the companies: Diagenode SA (Liege, Belgium), KeyGene (Wageningen, Netherlands) and Biomol-Informatics S.L. (Madrid, Spain).