Nuclear organisation 1

Research Project Till Bey, University of Amsterdam

In the EpiTRAITS Marie Curie ITN Till is going to examine the nuclear localization of genes and proteins relevant to the induction of flowering, first in A. thaliana and later on in Zea mays. In a combined approach he will use FISH techniques to visualize chromosomal target sequences and immunolabeling to localize proteins in morphologically preserved organs. For this the partners in Cologne, Madrid, Wageningen and Düsseldorf will provide transgenic plant lines carrying tagged protein constructs. Confocal microscopy will be used to record positions in three dimensions, and the location of targets in relation to each other and relative to nuclear landmarks such as chromocenters, the nuclear envelope and nucleoli will be quantified. The 4C and ChIA-PET results for chromosomal interactions and binding sites obtained by the collaborators in Amsterdam and Wageningen will be verified in this way and spatial information will be added. The collected data will then be analyzed by the partner in Versailles to form the basis for a predictive model of the nuclear events during floral transition.