Spatial models

Research Project Javier Arpón, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin

The aim of Javier’s project is to develop spatial models of the functional three-dimensional (3D) nuclear architecture and genome organization in plant cells. Javier will develop algorithms and tools to process and quantitatively analyze 3D images of nuclei, and will assist in the optimization of image acquisition conditions. He will develop statistical spatial models to unravel and quantify principles of nuclear organization and to quantitatively assess the links between genome regulation and 3D nuclear architecture. He will also contribute to developing the EpiTRAITS data-storage and transfer system. At the intersection of image analysis, spatial statistics, and modeling, Javier’s project involves sustained interactions with both biologists and other modelers within EpiTRAITS. It will be conducted in collaboration with partners at UvA, IPG-PAS, UNOTT and INRA.