Genome-wide data analysis 2

In the EpiTRAITS Marie Curie ITN, Rurika Oka is involved in i) the implementation of bioinformatics analysis methods and integration of newly developed methods (for 4C and ChIA-PET) in an automated pipeline and ii) the meta-analysis of selected genomic data sets. In collaboration with Dimitrios Zisis (IPG-PAS, Poland), current data analysis methods for 4C analysis and ChiA-PET will be developed further to generate a fully automated data analysis pipeline with which the next generation sequencing data data sets produced by various partners will be analysed. In collaboration with Jean-Louis Dinh (UNOTT, UK), a computational study on regulatory genes in flowering networks will be performed. Existing gene expression data and data on chromatin structure will be integrated to allow mathematical modeling of the networks involved in flowering. New experimental data obtained in EpiTRAITS will be integrated into the models.