University of Georgia

Associated Partner
University of Georgia, Athens GA, USA

R. Kelly Dawe, Distinguished Research Professor
Jonathan I. Gent, Postdoctoral Fellow

We study maize epigenetic phenomena, including centromere inactivation and reactivation, and genome-wide DNA methylation and histone profiles, RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM), and special chromatin features at the interface of transposable elements and genes. We published an early genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in maize, and collaborated with Maike Stam and others to show that maize heterochromatin in the classic sense (cytologically visible) is generally excluded from the RdDM pathway.

The University of Georgia is major public state university with a general liberal arts curriculum. It is also a USA land grant university, and as such has particular strengths in plant biology, plant genetics, and plant genomics.

Jonathan Gent provides training to EpiTRAITS fellows on the bioinformatic analysis of genome-wide data sets obtained for maize and is a collaborator in the EpiTRAITS project focusing on the identification of regulatory sequences. Jonathan also serves as a mentor for Rurika Oka, one of the EpiTRAITS fellows.

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R. Kelly Dawe


Jonathan I. Gent