Rijk Zwaan

Rob Dirks -RijkZwaanAssociated Partner
Fijnaart, The Netherlands

Dr. Rob Dirks, Research Manager at Rijk Zwaan Fijnaart

Rob Dirks has over 25 years of experience in commercial plant breeding research. He is currently in charge of the biotechnology laboratory which is located in Fijnaart, The Netherlands where more than 80 research specialists are developing new technologies to support plant breeding. The disciplines comprise molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry, quantitative genetics and bio-informatics. Rijk Zwaan is actively interacting with the scientific community in order to translate basic biological knowledge into practical applications.

Rijk Zwaan is active worldwide as vegetable breeding company focusing on the development of high-quality vegetable varieties for professional growers in food-producing horticulture. In the world’s top 10 of globally-operating vegetable breeding companies, Rijk Zwaan holds a mid-position. Within Rijk Zwaan we are engaged in research and development, production, logistics, QC and marketing and sales. The wishes and demands made worldwide by growers, the vegetable trade, processing industry and consumers form the starting point at Rijk Zwaan for its activities. More: http://www.rijkzwaan.nl

Rijk Zwaan will provide training in entrepreneurship, valorization of results, IP and plant breeding. For this purpose the fellows will be invited for a one day visit to Rijk Zwaan where lectures will be given by different specialists. In addition an on-site excursion will be organised to show both the breeding and laboratory activities of a modern plant breeding company. Furthermore the representative of Rijk Zwaan will join the Supervisory Board and evaluate the training of the ITN fellows.