Renaud Schoemans

Renaud SchoemansDiagenode – Innovating Epigenetic Solutions, Liège, Belgium

Founded in 2004, Diagenode is a multinational life science company that develops and commercializes innovative instruments and reagents for epigenetics, genomics and diagnostics. Diagenode has offices in Liège, Belgium and Denville, New Jersey. Diagenode is the only company providing a complete solution for epigenetics research, including state-of-the-art products and technologies for DNA sonication, best-in-class antibodies, and high-quality kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and methylation studies (MeDIP and MethyCap). Recently, Diagenode has succesfully released automated epigenetics systems, the SX-8G and Compact IP-Star® automation platforms. Diagenode’s customers include leading epigenetics researchers, academic institutions, high-profile genome centers and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our high quality products allow scientists to produce consistent, cost-effective and robust results in their research. More:

Dr. Renaud Schoemans was appointed in 2015 as Project Manager at Diagenode. He is mainly in charge of the management of EU projects in which Diagenode is involved but also in setting up new collaborations. Dr. Schoemans performed his PhD thesis in the field of cell and gene therapy for metabolic diseases and also neurobiology at the Human Genetics unit of the GIGA research center, University of Liège in Belgium. Before joining Diagenode he worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wassim Lakhal is the EpiTRAITS research fellow at Diagenode, click to find out more about him and his project.