Paweł Krajewski

Department of Biometry and Bioinformatics, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

The group of Paweł Krajewski focuses on research in statistical, informatic and bioinformatic methods applicable in the analysis and integration of results of biological experiments, with special attention to experiments performed in genetics, genomics and plant breeding. The developed methods are based on linear mixed models, functional data modeling and multivariate analysis methodology. The group works also on database structures, tools for storage and processing of plant biology data and standardization of experimental information. The current main projects are: SYSFLO, EPITRAITS (work on methods of analysis and interpretation of results of experiments performed in protein-DNA interaction and chromatin state studies); POLAPGEN-BD, GENSEK (integrative analysis of data in experiments concerning stress tolerance of cereals); TRANSPLANT (construction of tools for management of plant phenotypic data). More:,

The group of Paweł Krajewski is part of the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS, a centre of agrobiology and molecular genetics located in Poznań, Poland. IPG PAS employs about 100 scientific and technical workers performing research on genetics, genomics, cytogenetics, biotechnology, biometry and bioinformatics, on crop and model plants. IPG PAS trains PhD students, who are enrolled in the PhD programme at the Adam Mickiewicz University or Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS. IPG-PAS coordinates the EU co-funded POLAPGEN consortium comprising ten Polish scientific and two industrial partners devoted to joint research and development in the area of genetics and genomics. More…

Dimitrios Zisis is the EpiTRAITS research fellow with the Paweł Krajewski group, click to find out more about him and his project.