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Józef Adamczyk Smolice resizedAssociated Partner
Smolice, Poland

Prof. Józef Adamczyk, main maize breeder, Smolice

Prof. Adamczyk has over 39 years of experience in the field of maize breeding, has supervised 2 PhD and a few MSc students in the area of maize breeding and is currently involved in the publicly funded research project: “Development of species index and optimisation on energetic plants production technology (IGRE); UDA-POIG. 01.03.01-00-132/08-02 (2009-2015)”

Smolice is a seed company founded in 1946. The main activities of the company are plant breeding and seed production of maize. The main assets of Smolice is staff of experienced breeders and large collection of diverse germplasm. As a result, Smolice is one of the main players on the Polish seed market. Today Smolice owns over 35 varieties of maize that have more than one-third of the domestic market share. More:

Smolice will host 3 fellows for a secondment. They will learn about classical maize breeding. From inbred line development to the registration of new hybrid maize varieties and far more, including basic seed multiplication, supervision of F1 seed production and involvement in F1 seed marketing. However main focus will be made on inbred line development, including DH line technology.