Gerco Angenent

Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Prof Angenent’s research group focuses on unravelling the molecular mechanisms underlying flowering, floral organs and fruit development. Key regulators (mainly transcription factors) involved in these processes have been identified and the position of these regulators in the various pathways is being studied. The research group is also interested in the molecular action of transcription factors, in general by studying how these proteins form complexes, how they recognize specific DNA sequences and bind DNA and how they control transcription of target genes. A more recent topic in the group is the link with epigenetic regulation of the above mentioned developmental processes. In particular the interplay between transcription factors and chromatin remodeling factors and modifiers. A main focus is on transcription factors of the MADS domain family. More…

Angenent is group leader and professor at the Wageningen University. The plant university departments together with the research institute ‘Plant Research International (PRI)’ form the Plant Science Group in Wageningen, which is the largest plant research organisation in The Netherlands and conducts multidisciplinary research in a wide range of research fields, e.g. breeding, agronomy, genomics, physiology, bioinformatics and plant-environment interactions. All plant-related PhD students in The Netherlands are part of the graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS), which organises courses, seminars, workshops and meetings specifically targeted to training of PhD students. Also the EpiTRAITS fellow will be part of EPS.

Suraj Jamge is the EpiTRAITS research fellow with the Angenent group, click to find out more about him and his project.